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Back Pain and Breathing Issues.

back pain can be the result of a muscular problem in the upper areas of the back. Back muscles tend to be very close to your lungs which are affected when you take a deep breath, this causes the lungs to push against your back muscles. A strain in these muscles of the upper back can lead to a sharp pain or aching while you breathe.

Certain areas of the back tend to be more affected than others, these can be latissimus dorsi, the rhomboids, and trapezius. Theses muscle can become strained either by injury or poor posture which is quite common.

Sports or poor body mechanics can lead to the possible injury with the upper back muscles. These muscles are used during push pull exercises and put a lot of stress on the muscles.

To correct this back pain when breathing from injury you must allow the body to repair itself and avoid strenuous activities. When the muscle is healed you can recondition your back to be stronger or more capable.
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Posture is likely a more widespread cause of back pain while breathing than injury. Slouching is a classic example of bad posture that causes the pectoral muscle of the chest and muscles in the armpit to tighten since the back is hunched over. These muscles can become chronically tense and exert a pull on the back and shoulders which is never good. As these muscles are stretched and strained they become weaker and prone to injury.
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Strained muscles can cause pain when they are put in use. With each breath back muscles are moved and strained. This constant use of weak muscles can lead to back pain and can be noticed in every breath.

The situation is worse when back muscles are put in use and begin to spasm. Strained muscles have a difficult time receiving a healthy amount of blood flow which is bad for overall health. Blood is pumped into and out of muscles during relaxing and contraction cycles from day to day use. Muscle strains cannot properly relax, contract and aren’t nourished. Oxygen deprived muscles can go into spasms and force contractions as the body’s way to end pain. The upper back muscles must be able to move in order to breathe correctly. The risk when it comes to spasms is worse when posture constricts the lungs.

If posture is the root cause you need to retrain your body to improve posture in your day to day life. Tight muscles in the chest need to be restored to proper length. These things are best done with a foam roller or similar device. When the muscles of the chest are elongated the muscles of the back can be trained to hold the head and body upright.

You need to focus and practice proper posture and unlearn any bad habits. If damage is done by posture you may need a physical therapist to guide you in the right direction.

Back pain when breathing is rarely a sign of a serious condition which means it can be fixed. If you have both chest and back pain you should see a doctor or healthcare professional. Your pain can be a likely sign that your back muscles need added attention or treatment.

Breathing shouldn’t be a pain and you need to fix the problem to lead a happy life.