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Common Questions About Taking a Golf Course Management Jobs

Whether you’ve long wanted to work in the world of golf course management or you inadvertently stumbled upon to a job recently, the fact that you clicked on this guide makes it easy to presume that you’re really thinking about becoming a golf course manager sometime soon. You might, however, as anyone would, have some questions about what this new role will entail before you officially accept it. As you read the remainder of this guide, you’ll see some information that ought to be useful to you.

As you continue reading, you need to bear in mind that every golf course management candidate has a unique history, both personally and professionally. Therefore, you might find that some of the questions that are listed here aren’t applicable to your personal situation. To a certain degree, this is going to happen. Generic articles are designed to help everyone who reads them in some way, but not every point that is made will necessary fit your situation.

Do Golf Course Managers Need to Have College Degrees?
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This question is common across nearly all industries. In the world of golf course management, there is no easy answer; you might or might not be required to have a degree. Having a bachelor’s degree, in most cases, will make it easier for you to land whatever job you want. Of the golf course management jobs that won’t consider applicants who lack college degrees, a high percentage ask that their candidates have training in either hospitality management or business administration. It’s worth recognizing that experience in the management field can sometimes be used on your resume in place of a degree.
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Do I Need to Be a Golfing Enthusiast in My Own Right?

There is no unbendable rule that says golf course management professionals need to be golfers themselves. It is not, however, negative for you to be passionate about the industry in which you are hoping to have a career. If you do golf, you’re sure to have a better grasp of the things you facility’s clients want and need than someone who never plays the game. The crux of this point is that you will probably have a better chance of getting hired as a golf course manager if you do, in fact, play golf.

What Is the Usual Pay Grade For a Position Like This?

Most golf course managers don’t make bad money for their areas. You should think about the fact, though, that golf courses are situated in a multitude of different places. A facility that has a job opening in an extremely high-end area, for instance, will probably have a higher salary than one that is located in a rural part of the country. Make sure you account for cost of living in the region before you take a new job.