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Imparting to Kids the Importance of Gender Equality

Gender equality issues are everywhere. For instance a boy who wants to join the Golden Dance & Cheer Academy is discouraged because it is too girly for him. Because of the limitations set by some parents on their children’s activities, their sons and daughters are raised to have a limited idea also on what a man and a woman has to be.

The children live in a world that has clouded his or her idea of what gender is. The best time for a parent to make a positive contribution to a child’s idea of gender is at ages two to three, when this construct is almost already well-understood. The following are suggestions for parents who want to make a positive impact on their child’s concept of gender.

Help your kids identify sexist advertising. Marketing is crucial in encouraging consumers to buy goods, but it also is crucial in developing a person’s point of view on things. Advertisement directed to kids are designed to be so fascinating for them. Once a child sees a toy commercial, they are hooked to the idea of owning one for themselves. Candy stores design their candies in a such a way to easily convince kids to buy them, aside from that these candies are strategically place for it to be easily noticed. Magazines project unrealistic gender expectations to their young readers leading them to believe that they are either not man enough or woman enough. A clear message on toy advertisements is the differentiation between the toys for the girls and boys. Advertisements make the boys believe that they can only have trucks, army figurines, and Legos for toys; girls are made to believe also that they can only have baking toys, dolls, and make-up for toys. As a parent, intervene by explaining to your children, how these advertisements limit the potential of these toys to be enjoyed by both genders.

Demonstrate equal parenting in the household. Demonstrating equal parenting means showing your kids that either the two of the parents do household chores and do the driving for the family. The goal of this is to teach your children beyond what the stereotypes are for each gender. You have to make sure that the two of you parents help in the care of your children.

Do your responsibility to prevent the integration of gender stereotypes to your child’s identity. Work hard in conversing with your child, whenever he or she presents a gender stereotype. An earlier example about the Golden Dance & Cheer Academy comment of a child can be addressed carefully, show to the child a play where there is a boy dancing with the girls.