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Items To Carry When Going For A Hike, Camping Or Backpacking

When one is free from their daily activities there are many activities that one can get involved in, but one activity that stands out is hiking, or camping especially when spending free time as a group as one gets an opportunity to get closer to nature. Whether you are hiking individually, or you are accompanied by friends or family members you have a chance to view the world in a different view away from the normal life. A well-planned trip will give one some memorable moments but when a hike is poorly planned it may turn into a nightmare for anyone. To make a hiking or backpacking successful there are some key components to ensure your safety throughout the hiking period.

During hiking, there are chances of one being exposed to direct sunlight, and thus one will need to pack a waterproof sunscreen for protection. When the human skin is exposed to the direct rays of the sun; there are high chances of UV rays contacting the skin which can lead to one developing skin problems such as skin cancer. Exposing eyes to the direct sunlight may also lead to spot-blindness thus there is need to protect them. To protect the eyes from damage caused by the sun one needs to carry a pair of sunglasses or if possible two pairs.

When planning for a hike there is need to establish security measures especially when going as a group. There are chances of one getting lost or being in trouble, and thus each will need to carry a whistle for use in raising an alarm. During the cold seasons it is recommendable that one carries a plastic whistle as it does not stick on one’s lips. For the group to be sure of the directions during the hike, there is need to carry a compass and a map as they ensure that the group remains on the right path.
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Human beings cannot afford to live without water and thus even when on a hike one should ensure that they have an adequate amount of water. When planning for a hike each should carry their source of drinking water although there is need to establish a common water source for the whole group. To ensure that the group does not run out of the water they will need to carry an outdoor water filtration device which can help clean any water for human use.
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During the hikes there is need to carry a source of heat such as waterproof matches or fire starters. A source of fire is essential for use during the night or the day. There are chances of one getting injured when on a hike and thus a first aid kit is essential.