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Sending Text Messages to your Email: What You Need to Know

The time where handwritten letters are passed from here and there have long been gone as text messaging emerged and became the most common mode of communication from people all over the globe. Not long after, emails have governed along with text messages. Most countries have unlimited access to wifi connections which enables them to easily access emails and all sorts of these type of things. Because of this, communication via emails have been very wide. And because of formalities, working citizens use emails as their mode of communication with the other working people as well. Teenagers as well use email messaging sometimes as well. Usually, they have emails for school matters and some other things related. However this does not mean that they only have this exclusively for school related matters. At random times they also use email messaging as mode of communication with their peers as well. Most of their population have their own emails especially because this generation is mostly made up of technology driven people. As much as messaging is concerned, emails have really become sort of important nowadays.

And so how do you send text messages via your email?

Before we actually go with that, with answering that question, it is important to first clarify what you are trying to do. Most often than not, you may be trying to send a text message to another person’s email or you are trying to make your incoming messages appear in your email inbox too. And so to answer both questions, let us have them both answered here then.
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So now, how to send a text message to another person’s email inbox? The process is actually very simple especially if your service plan lets you send MMS which are data or picture rich messages. However if you have the most bare bones sort of messaging plan, then you may actually not be able to send these types of messages. Even still, don’t just go hopping into your service provider’s site and spend so many time just trying to figure out if you can actually send MMS, but instead, try this very easy and very simple test right here.
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To send a text message to an email address, write any sort of text like how you usually would, just anything will actually do, and type the email address that you are trying to send a message to into the box where the contact number is normally entered.

Now let’s go to forwarding texts to email inbox. For android phones, there are many ways. The easiest would be yo install SMS to Email app from Google Play Store. For iphones go to Settings>Messages>Received At and then click Add an email. Go visit a website.