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Special Features of Hearing Aids. The first feature is directional microphones. These are features find on hearing aids that are used mostly in noisy places like bar, restaurant or a public gathering. Their operation is in such a way that they reduce sound from behind so that it does not interfere with noise in front. Directional microphones are available some of the styles of hearing aids i.e. BTE, OE, ITE, Half Shell, and ITC styles. When the noise level goes high the directional earphones turn themselves on since they are automatic. They are also able to support moving sounds or reduce several different sounds at the same time. You can also check the ones that reduce noise. Noise reduction allows the hearing aid to reduce the amplification in the frequencies. For instance a fan running in the background it will speech it as much as it will amplify it. Movement of the fan will be detected. It is also designed to transmit both speech and noise at the same time. some hearing aids can manage noise by breaking the frequencies up into smaller pieces. It does not reduce noise but balances between speech and noise.
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Another important feature is known as memory. Memories are just different settings for different situations such as quiet places, noisy places, and music or phone. The memories come into forms thus automatic and manual. We use the push button to activate memories since it allows you to have different settings. The standard memory is put on by the use of a push button while the automatic memory is turned on by the hearing aid itself. When the memory is on ,the hearing aids beeps to alert on the memory you are using. Not all of them, but some hearing aids have mix of both manual and automatic memories.
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Feedback cancellation is also another feature found in hearing aid. The whistling sound that comes back to your ear when you put your hand over it is known as feedback. This feature can take down that whistling sound from coming back to your ear. Band is also one of the features found in the hearing aids. The a feature that is responsible for adjusting volume in the hearing aids is known as bands. When your hearing aid is programmed to your ear it means more bands will have more volume control.The more the bands the more the volume control when the hearing aid is programmed to your ear. We also have channels. Channels are used to adjust the part of the hearing aid that keeps the sound from getting too loud. They are mainly responsible for noise reduction. When you want to minimize the noise fully then you should use more channels.