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The How-To’s of Shrub Pruning Removal of unnecessary branches is the whole process of shrub pruning. Ornamental plants are made firm through pruning. On the same note pruning enhances the quality of the shrub and the production of other plants products like fruits and nuts. Elimination of excess branches help in the reduction of fire occurrence. Besides, shrub pruning improves the health and strength of shrubs. The health and strength of shrubs i9s enhanced through shrub pruning. One thing to note is that pruning shrubs is a vital part of care and maintenance of your landscape. The beauty and appearance of shrubs are enhanced through proper timing to prune. When pruning is done at the inappropriate time results in the loss of flowers production annually because all the buds were cut off. The most appropriate time to carry out the process of shrub pruning is vital. It is vital to comprehend that flower buds form on either new wood or an existing wood depending on plant species. Winter is the best season to prune new shrubs before they become dormant. On the other hand, an existing shrub needs to be pruned right after flowering not to cut-off subsequent years flower buds.
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Shearing has some similarity with shrub pruning. Although to some extent there is a slight difference in that shearing may mean that it is done for aesthetic reasons and seldom results in a healthy plant. On the other hand, pruning if done appropriately left the plant healthier and shaped moving it to its natural form. Proper pruning of shrub maintains healthy shrubs.
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There is the maintenance of the natural shoe of a shrub. Besides, more plants and branches are like to sprout multiple arching stems on each trunk. The base of a shrub is not destroyed by shrub pruning. The process of shrub pruning starts with the deletion of any dead branches. Branches that do grow or crossing the inside the shrub need to be eliminated. Such excess branches have no significance in the development process of a shrub. The type of pruning is vital to consider. Maintenance pruning is that removal of unwanted branches and still maintain the shape of the plant. Besides this type of pruning involves the elimination of long branches that look misplaced in a shrub plant. One need to arrive at the inner part of the shrub while carrying out the maintenance pruning. Node is vital in the shrub development process. One need to undertake rejuvenation pruning ng to the older plants. Besides as the plant matures, primary stems or branches lose their strength and become unproductive. When they are rejuvenated they can return their lost strength and form. Rejuvenation pruning is very critical hence requires proper timing. Consider to undertake the process during the late winter or very early spring when the plant is still dormant.